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It's suffering being a girl why must we have period anyway, ish? Just learn that an ovary dies because her prince charming don't find her and she kill herself then that's how it causes period FML odd way of explaining it huh. So whatever lah, use to it for 7 freaking years! anyway that don't matter lah don't want to get too over-emotional about it. Today went for facial and I say another relaxing massage on the face by my facialist Christian lol but she talks a lot so can't relax properly, well at lease it's better than the one in api-api center there, when you come out you will look like a tomato =_= not just that it hurts so badly when she pinches your pimple out woosh lucky thing next month I'm going to KL!.


My breakfast near my mommy's office.

Okay moving on, while I was going to my facial place I saw Suria Sabah from afar it was big and I didn't went in don't felt like it, looks kinda bigger than the one in KL though o.o . Sigh~ it was boring after facial onlining in my mom's office only and don't get me wrong the connection is real fast than at home, so it's easy to play games in facebook keke xD .


Really like this picture but Milky likes moving a lot so it's hard balancing the camera. She's been with us for almost a year now so not being with Milky for 3 years it's like not being with your child and one day you be thinking if she/he is hungry and the only person she/he will look for is you. So hopefully she will have enough to eat once I'm gone. Speaking of food I didn't have my lunch and was real famish! So went to the grocery shop to buy myself some food.


Hot dog.


I'm very eager to eat this Tuna Bread! even if it doesn't look like one but there's tuna inside. And really you can't eat without drinking some baverage so I bought my favorite.


HL low fat milk. Did you know that you cant drink too much milk? For a baby is okay but for teens or an adult it will make you skin to break out with pimples and acne. I didn't make this up go google it out if you don't believe.. so we can only drink milk occasionally. After buying my food came back eat and drink then online again lol I'm so bored okay! So luckily my sister also want to go home so my mom gave us taxi money. Before finding a cab me and my sister went to watson I want to buy this eyebrow liner pencil but all they have is eye liner pencil but it's the same thing lah so I just buy =] and the girl put in a free calender for 2010 woo hoo! Now I have a calender for next year! hehe.

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