My last meal being here in Sabah.

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This is just a short post but I'm talking about food mostly because it's like a last day dinner being with my parents and cousin but my siblings didn't care so much for me so whatever I don't mind at all. Before talking about food let's start off what I took picture today.


Early morning I woke up and saw the sunset that haven't fully made its way up yet xD but still it's beautiful.


My puppy Rocky is sleeping on my stuff, very cute lah T_T

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Milky hated seeing him being in the camera so she went on my clothes and pretend to be cute >_<" crazy dog. Going to missed them though.

We went to Brass Monkey it's located at Lintas Plaza there.


It was my first and last time being there, ya know and seriously guys if your in Sabah please find this place and try it ^_^ my favorite is this one!


Lamb! when I first heard Lamb that my daddy convince me to try I was a bit sad for a cute Lamb to be eaten like this but after tasting it feels so damn good what o.o but I don't want to eat to much because I don't want to get any extra pound I'm still 'trying my best' to stick with my resolution, hehe.

- continue later or tomorow got class -

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