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I’ve seen so many beautiful artworks that people have done. As a human being I tend to feel jealous just by looking at them and think to myself every time “will I be like that too? Nah~ I guess not” I’m not confident nor that talented even if people keep on complimenting that I am but still it’s not enough, it’s like I need to do something more until I could be satisfied enough with my work.

Frankly, I like drawing but not entirely that much the reason I like it because I have too much imagination and I need to draw it out and make it come to live. That feeling and ideas that start flowing in my head rarely happens and I can’t let it get away.

Naomi Pullip



- Sketch book
- 2B Pencil
- Eraser
- (no photoshop, using a site to 'just' glow it a little)


Drawn this afternoon, so guys how you like my sketch? Need more work I guess, haha. Tried and compare it with this on.

Genjo Sanzo 

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- A4 paper
- Ordinary pencil
- Eraser


Believe it or not, this was done by me when I was in primary school =..= and that time I was obsessed about Sanzo in Gensomaden Saiyuki. Even on that time I surprise myself that I could sketch him and the hair o.o lol.






PS: I miss photoshop =..= been a year without it.

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