Hiatus, Confusion, Stressful and etc.

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I really like overblog and thought of moving back here, though there's maintenance that makes me feel like ripping it to shred... but still its somehow convenient updating here. The reason I make another blog is because I'm starting to feel creative and wanting to try something new for some apparent reason and you know what? I hated it. I can't make my mind straight... sometimes that would irritated people and mostly myself. I got inspired by people to much that's why I thought of following them but that didn't help me at all.. it just ended up feeling boring again. So I want to delete my old blog "http://missotakufreak.blogspot.com" and hopefully wont change again (which I highly doubt it).


Anyway, reminiscence time!!


Okay, so what have I been doing for this year? Other than me deleting my previous blog and destroying the evidents of my journey while I was in KL but that don't matter I shall try my best to summarize and remembering those day that I have done. First of all, I'm now on semester break and also back in my hometown Sabah it feels good not feeling like an alien even if I

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