My mini fantasy dream home

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IF I were successful and have good salary  in my bank   I would definitely buy a condo or an apartment I just don't care which only just I want small spaces. The reason why I want small spaces is that since I'm going single I should create my own design in my own home without anyone point of view. You can say it's like my own mini barbie doll house.

First my living room

I just love how pink make the room so cute! and I wouldn't 100% copy mah. This just an example. Next of is how my room should look like.

It's simple and kawaii.. but still I like to add more stuff and when people go in I want them to jump in surprise haha.  and remember that I wont copy 100% okay -__- I'm not the type that like copy people's style unless I'm out of idea lar. My favorite is having a well organize closet that will almost look like the one in the picture.

I love clothes so much especially costumes ^_^ . IF can I will surely make it happen. IF lar but I can't promise leh. I'm not so confident with myself sometimes, I only can try my hardest! So gambate for me! and if I being cheapskate again I can always customise or design anything I think it looks ugly hehe might as well use my creativity save more money that way riggghtt? 


By the way, the kitchen I make it look clean and princessy also (if possible).. muahaha I will learn to cook too. I mean I'm still a noob here people but I'll make sure I won't let myself starve! If I do have my own place to live your are most welcome to visit.. BUT I have to know you people first otherwise you guys will stalk me everyday o.o and on the other hand I can't let a total stranger in my house so let's be bestfriend if you can okay? and as for guys well -__- I don't know yet so scared leh. Hehe.




PS: Gyaru is part of my new life already that's why I post this up because it's all about Gyaru ^_^

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