Smiling again.

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I'm sick without any sleep lol.. I know it's not healthy to stay up late when your sick wuhu. But I can't help it when there's internet lol. I think I'm almost recovering fully from the agony I felt for a while because this guy from UK cheered me up and I felt happy again, owh and so did Troy from USA. If your thinking that I like any of them these guys well the answer is no.. I'm still thinking of becoming single.. look at this pic

Ok there's a 'Maybe??' there, it's because I don't know how long I could take being single. Because from my past when I was still a high school student I started having boyfriends when I was in form 2 then after  that we broke up then suddenly I found another new bf then another until I was in form 3, my previous bf was the last one and we've been together for 3 years already. I guess the reason I stop looking for somone is because I hate being dumped and regret afterwards. Don't get me wrong although I still love my ex and missed him a little but I heard from someone that he already got a girlfriend it's okay I'm fine now. Just I hope he would be happy than when he use to be with me.

Sooner or later I'll be the girl that I use to be without giving my love to any guy in this damn freaking planet . Like all my friends said I'm still young and for me I don't think I'm ready for another realtionship yet and good news!! I was testing myself if I could listen to sad songs again without flooding my room like before lol and.. not a single tear ~ ^ ^ but still there's a glimps of memory but really not that serious okay. I just have to let time fly and hopefully I won't be miserable >__> . Owh yeah, something made me very mad and the problem was my first ex he was becoming a bitch and so is his jealous wife.

God, *roll eyes* I never intrude their love life if that what they call it. All I did was ignore them looking all bitchy in front of them because I have no intention to be friend's with someone who's being an asshole to everyone. Really people you should understand me by now that I don't like people who's a real pain in the ass if I hate that person I sure show I much I hate them. Nobody like to see me angry because it's so ugly and I hate people keep on telling me that it's freaking annoying.

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jackie 11/15/2009 18:19

thats good to smiles again...^^

Momoka 11/15/2009 21:06

hehe yeah lor ^__^ i forgot to mention ur name oso there..
u oso made me happy wat