What's my New Year resolution?

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Happy New Years Eve everyone!!

Even if I have a resolution for the new year doesn't mean I would end up promising myself for doing it. But still it's no harm also for writing something that I feel that I want to get better at in 2010 . It's not yet New Year though its like 4 hours till to go.. omygod then I should probably write it down quickly.

1. Show more courage and be confident.

I hate being shy all the time T_T . The only place I wont feel shy is when I at my own house and through the internet, I really hate it and I guess the reason why is that I'm not so socializing >_< even if I socialize with people I still definitely feel the same, so in the New Year I want to try and show more confident when I want to approach to people and hopefully it happens.

Oh if there's people that only know me through the net. Its true what I said if we ever meet. You will know that I am that kind of girl . . . sometimes. Hehe.

2. Improve my skill and Study hard.

If I were back at High School I would so not pay attention to the teacher but since I know now that if I need to achieve my goal I should totally work hard on the course I'm taking because it's my last chance and it only happens once in a life time. I try my best to study hard and won't fail any of my semester once I start my first year of college.

The things I need to improve is here (for study purpose only):
- Learn how to use the photoshop perfectly
- Learn more about photography
- Learn sketches until I'm satisfied
- Learn more anime drawing
- etc etc etc

3. Find a job (on holidays) save money.

I don't really want to spend a lot but I just got this habit of buying stuff I want but I guess that's normal if your a girl right. Always trying to look your best but however I also don't want to burden my mom for asking so much money beside she done so much for me so on the holidays I try boosting up my confident and find a job myself.

If it's enough I could go shopping :P but also pay half of my living expenses ^_^ (and o.o I need a new phone too)

4. Hang out with friends and have so much fun.

It's been a while since I never had fun with my friends here don't get me wrong I love my friends here in Sabah but I am flying to KL and obviously I should find new friends. Just I hope I can meet friendly one T_T who doesn't care about who they are or whatever and hopefully they're into anime also.

Even if there are no friends that's has everything in commom with me I would still like to be their friend beside I don't want to be alone afterall. Oh and love taking picture too almost forgot about that haha.

5. Exercise and don't want to eat fatty food.

I will of course have to eat protein lah but I just don't want to eat it to often. When I at home, daddy likes bringing home pork and whatever that's too much fat anf oil. Right now I'm so overweight and I somehow felt uncomfortable with myself so I'm going to try and control my eating and don't always eat late night snacks as well.

Exercise also lah not just diet only >_< . Lmao. So gambate for me okay?

6. Becoming famous and loved by all.

The reason why I put Lady Gaga's picture here is that when she became famous she is always herself and not like that fake Britney Spears or whatever celebrity. Hopefully I be the next Lady Gaga in Malaysia Lady Momo xD. But that's just impossible I'm no good at singing at least that what I thought just I don't got a nice voice like her and other than that I barely can dance, lol.

Acting? But people who acts use their real name but who cares. I think voice acting would be good too I always like to read my comic out loud but can't say I improve though :P. We just see how it goes I guess it probably won't happen anyway because this is a childs dream.

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Johannes 01/19/2010 01:21

It is hard to be shy! It's hard to get over too!

But my social anxiety has been getting better-- I go to Social Anxiety Anonymous support groups (they are free and can be accessed through regular phone or Skype): http://www.healsocialanxiety.com
They also have a lot of good stuff to read on their websites detailing tips on how to overcome social anxiety: http://healsocialanxiety.com/SPAOnlineLibrary.html

French Knight 12/31/2009 17:12

What a wonderfull resolution !.. But is it possible to reel ? lol