We got our christmas gift too early.

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Now I present to you!


Rocky our early Christmas gift.

Okay if you read my last post when I said Milky will get a boyfriend, I guess there's no need to get my hopes up because really Rocky is still a puppy! and still underage :P . Daddy bought Rocky at this pet shop in 1borneo and the reason why he wanted to buy a hot dog is that daddy hope to get Milky pregnant and when her babies grows up can sell :O and you don't know how many people nowadays love small dogs or puppies and no I don't think it's a bad thing as long the people who wants the puppies don't eat or torture them then I will not feel guilty .

Oh by the way the owner of the shop said that he will give us a free dog for Milky to start mating and I don't mean he will give us another dog lah just mating only.


Apparently, both are hot dogs except for Milky(the white one) she's mix hot dog and other breed that I don't know what kind lol but still she's cute . It's my first time seeing close and personal at a hot dog never knew they got big paws, long ears and sad looking eyes, I mean it's still damn adorable!

However, taking care of a puppy for me is a tough task! Yesterday night, when I was alone with Rocky... and also Milky of course. Sigh, the story starts like this Milky and Rocky was in my room then I saw Rocky sleeping peacefully on my soft comforter and suddenly Milky was just staring at him, as if she was getting ready to bite him so I went and carry Rocky before Milky started to growled and almost jump at him. Luckily, I got there first @_@ . So I sent Milky in the kitchen so she wont go upstairs and tries to get rid of Rocky stealing her spot on my bed, lol much.  Since I was downstairs I thought of getting ready to go to bed so I went to the bathroom and wash my face and then I heard Rocky crying, I was in a panic because I thought he fell from my bed so I just hurry and wash my face (not so properly FYI) and ran back upstairs when I got in my room... he peed on my bed walking everywhere to my pillow and on my soft comforter T_T and I guessed he got scared and started peeing.

So I placed him on my floor and starts changing my bed sheet but I didn't finish changing to a new one because he was crying and starts going around my room to look for something. I know I'm being a bitch if I say this but I thought of waiting for my parents to come back and hopefully my daddy can do something with Rocky but knowing that my parents will come home late and listening to Rocky crying and when he suddenly looked at me with his sad puppy eyes.. grr makes me wanna kill myself because I hate seeing defenceless animal being innocent and clueless. So I tried google something out about why puppies cry, I found one and it said that they hate being not socialized and being alone.. I sat on the floor and start playing with him but still he keeps on crying when he start climbing to my thigh! D:

I'm confused and really needed help T__T

When I keep on thinking until my head explode, then I thought maybe he wanna go pee or poop? I found a newspaper and placed it on my floor and still he is crying.. aiyaaaaa!! >__< suddenly.. o.o I saw him eating the newspaper and finally I understand what he wants! he's hungry and also thirsty..  with hesitation (just for a puppy) I went down and find his puppy food and also I brought up his milk. First I add water in the bowl and then I put the dog food inside so when it's done being soften then it be easier for the puppy to chew, that's what the owner said to do. I say, I really deserved myself a pat in the back because I finally made him shut up.


Rocky took a nap after eating and pooping............................................ =_=

PS: I should seriously brush up my english o.o omygod! it's getting worst! D:

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