The world will end on 2012?

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It include the Mayan Calendar in it! Omygod. I just love the mysteries that exist in this earth xD if you read my old blog there's one I mention that I totally love playing Lara Croft games and I played all of it well except Tomb Raider Evolution lar =__= because the CD somehow freeze and I don't think I can find another new one I know it's just so sad. So anyway they all say that on 23rd December 2012 the Mayan Calendar will stop and believe that earth and every living things will die in oblivion. I know just recently there's a movie about 2012, right?

I didn't watch it actually because even if I did there wont be a different because we know what it is about anyway. If you want to take my words seriously then continue reading because what I'm about to say something that's base on games :P and my fond of history and paranormal things. Oh and excuse my English if there are some wrong grammar or such. Let's start off with the Mayans, I don't know much about them actually but the things I know about them that they the one that invented the calender and predict what will happen in the future when using it. It's not like like any ordinary Calender but it's kinda like this..

Beautiful isn't it ? I know just buy saying it make me sound so freaky but hey I'm a weird person that's what make me so interesting lol. Like I said before, I dont know much but I am learning and from what I think is that are we all really going to die? it's kinda like about when some stupid scientist predict that the tsunami will hit Malaysia and Singapore and do you see it happen? -__- No, right. And now you guys are talking about a giant mechanic stone saying we going to die? Ok frankly I can't be too certain yet :O but just listen to my theories.

The Mayans is just people like us except more intelligents and I have no idea how their first prediction came true it could either be signs from nature or probably a coincidence. Like come on this is the 21th century and we have machine that can predict the weather for us and the whetherman tells us about it in the tele. However, I still interested in knowing such device works so well for over like what? thousands? millions years? and going to stop on 2012? Damn it if it's true then what about my dreams and things I want to do >_< I have a long list lar and a long way to go also!

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