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I'm thanking this people.. Jackie Chen, Ironman and Darell for helping me with my college problem and needs. Although I only met them through the net but still they are nice people who knows how to help. Though, I'm still struggling that's why I have no time to post my blog. Oh by the way, I think there's something wrong with my 'over blog' I tried adding a new post and nothing came up what I'm trying to say is that the screen became totally blank so I tried on night time and suddenly it works -_-" . Anyway I'm feeling very sick because I think too much, just I'm scared if I can't get in at any college.

I wanting to take Graphic Design so this is my selected choices Sabah Institude of Arts, Cosmopoint, Limkokwing, Petaling Jaya College of Arts and Design. I like to think negatively because I don't believe in miracles.. well probably a little but whatever that don't matter all. I only believe in hard work and earning for something, so that's what I want to add in my live from now on. Gonna work hard and try not to give up without showing it or telling anyone about it. If I become too confident some people will depend on me more -_- and sorry I don't want that I prefer cooperating with them than they look up to me.

Right now I'm just hoping I would get somewhere that's not in Sabah or Sarawak. Why not Sarawak? Well that place from what I think lar.. is just plain dull that why all the Sarawakian like to go study outside from their hometown lol. If I couldn't get in one of these college that I have selected then I have no choice but to go for either Cosmopoint or SIA if I could get in I mean. I guess some must be wondering why I want to study somewhere so far? Well I hate distraction and if I'm distracted from someone I hate or despite or they just freaking annoying will lose my concentration and I really don't want to mess this up.

I wanna be independent, I wanna learn to be responsible, I wanna achieve my goals, I wanna have a job, I just wanna have a life that's all I want so all the bad things should be aside and a new life here I come . Lol, what a dumb speech but still it's true from what came out from this bimbo's mouth ^ ^.

Look at my picture for today!!

The scream version and the meaning of this painting is that the girl is wayyyy TOOO STRESS!! LOL.

PS: I try to think of what to blog the next time okay and just hopefully my camera's battery is fix by then.

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