Broken phone changed my life.

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Before talking about todays post I wanna thank you haters and non-haters to read my blog it seem you've been telling people about me and now my blog is in the 117th rank and it all thanks to you.

I only got a few post and there's no much pictures and story going on in my life o.o and somehow I'm quite surprise with my result lol.

There are like 1000+++ overbloggers. Here's the prove.

Only 999 can be in the list . Hehe.

Anywho~ as I continue talking about todays post my phone broke and I need a new one. So hopefully I got time to find a part time job in KL if possible because the salary I heard is like the extra amount from here ;D . Hopefully by then I can learn a bit of their peninsular accent and slang (^_^)v . Suddenly I start thinking about saving money and it's all because of this game I played xD Cafe World, if I want real good things I have to save up more money so here is some of what I want.


My current phone is this -__-

I know it's lame but hey you gotta use it to contact people mah so it's like a back up except I'm already using it lol. Ok enought crap! now lets get with wishy wishy!

#1 Only interested in this kind of phones because there's one of my friend decorated her phone and I think it's so damn kawaii ^^ so Im'ma do the same. I like cute stuff mah :P and don't lie yourself you girls olso the same, right ^^.

#2 Travelling to places I want to go and also the suitcase I want it..! ;D

Okay okay don't be so confuse because I just deleted my 3rd wish seem kinda big beside I'm talking about 'things' not stuff I want to do. So here is my 3rd 'real' wishlist.

#3 Buy a LOT of funny picture and text T-shirt . Or maybe a shirt with a hoodie, don't know la ^_^ I just like funny shirt and that is why I'm adding this in my wishlist.

Well.. yeah that's it.. there should be more but I kinda forgot. Lol. By the way I felt like changing my hairstyle and color soo....... I was thinking brownish gold? lol and short layer? xD anyway see first if I have the dough and I can't always depend on my mom's money how to be responsible if like that

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