Let's play online dress up.

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This one you don't have to download you just play it for fun. I was just surfing the net trying to find real cool shoes, clothes and whatever things that I know I couldn't afford.. for now atleast :p , then saw this interesting game where you can dress up different kind of dolls/anime/etc. they call it Dress Up Games seem kinda cool actually for like a few minute lol. You can dress up and look like Gyaru too here's my style.

I'm trying to make the last one look like Tsubasa but I can't tell if they look a like . Wish I have this kind of dresses though but I think I saw one in KL, well just hopefully I got money then of course I will buy ^^ just I scared if a girl or a guy talk to me in chinese again lol. All the chinese in peninsular is so unpredictable.

Check out this one.

With my dream jboy.. pssfft as if  so lame I know xD and don't worry I wont find another guy also I be single until I'm satisfied with what I have. So anyway dress up your Gyaru or whatever ^ ^ be creative and hopefully it kills time :p. Sorry if my post is too short I'm still quite busy lol. Maybe I have something to post about tomorow or the day after that or never? lol kidding. I'll see what I want to post up next.

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