Instant noodle just hits the spot!

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(I almost sounded like Chie in Persona 4, lol o.o maybe I should seriously cosplay as her if I like to eat so much hahaha XD and not just that I like watching Kung Fu movies too. )

It's Sunday morning and didn't go to church because both my parents went for a function in KL. Damn I'm still real nervous with my college. Being all negative again! Pull your self together! *slap myself* lol.

On brunch ate my favorite instant noodle Tom Yam it's just so damn oishii! (delicious) .

If I see purple of course I take it!

Slurping it taste even more better >_< .

And by the way in the picture my complexion is so dark o_o I wish I can be white again >.< but good also get vitamin D from the sun haha xD . Okay okay, about the instant noodle it just god forsaken good lah and it's also easy to take around. Wish I could eat this for lunch and dinner but people say eating too much maggie can cause your brain being weak, that's just people opinion but still it's true though cant eat this too much there other good food like Japanese Curry, Lasagna and other fatty tastering goodness haha!

I don't know how to explain the taste lah all I could say it's just good.

Oh yeah, did you know I hate vegetable? I mean hate it so much -__- must have meat then I can eat lol. Here is pure Carrot juice ^_^ my second favorite lol.

I don't know why this is the only vegetable I like, well easy to swallow I guess haha. My brother and sister don't like the it they say it's too sour but who cares I dont care what others think it's healthy also =..= lol. I wish can go out today but Sunday sooo boooooring! and no money I'm broke I need my mommy she's my savior if I want to buy things I want so badly hahahaa xD even if she said it's a waste of money. wahaha! love you anyway ^_^

Eh hold on am I promoting Carrot Juice and Maggie Cup ka this? =__=???

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