How to change layout theme in Facebook?

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This is my current Layout but I want to change it.


Hey guys,

I heard and seen people's comment saying that changing the layout theme is fake and etc. Well that's they lost for being stupid. Here let me demonstrate to you guys how it work. If your eager to get this layout then you have to install it and tell people to install it as well.

"Why tell people to install it you say?"

The reason is that if you want people to view your layout, they too have to install it so that they can. Understand? I hope you do.

Step 1.

Go to this link here and it will appear like the one in this picture below.


Take note that you must read everything what I wrote.

As I continue.....

If your already there. Select which theme you prefer for your layout, if your done then you will go to another window and it shows you direction on how to install it.

Here how it looks like.


Don't become noob! must learn how to install it's just soooooo damn simple!



Go back to where you selected your layout theme and do you see this?


It says there after you finished installing and also selecting it will say there;

  ' Go to your Facebook Profile and refresh the page '

It takes time so wait a little depends on your connection that is and don't forget to read your Notes!

  ' Your friends also need Yontoo Layers to see your layout. '

At first I didn't get it and then I know why. Like I said from the beginning.. your friends that don't install Pagerage can't view your layout so tell them about Pagerage and it only works on Mozilla Firefox/Vista. Trust me it works

Ok here's my new layout that I've done selecting and see the word ' HERE!!!!!!!!!! ' that I'm pointing? Make sure that there's this Icon there.


Thank you for wasting your time.


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