Got back with a migraine.

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Are you reading now? GOOD! there's a secret I want to tell you . Remember my 'share' in facebook?

9th January where I'm going? Well there's some people already know about it ^^ but I just tell you lah. On that day I be flying of to KL to continue my studies in this PJ college of Art & Design. Last time people thought I'm aiming for SIA or cosmopoint but I kinda change my mind already beside my friend's told me that the management there sucks or something lol. I think it's a good opportunity for me to be studying somewhere far from my home . On my last post I think I mention something about being independent and yes thank you god for answering my prayers ^^ and also mom (even sometimes make things so damn complicated but somehow work out just sooo damn fine!).

Yay (^^,)v what do I tell you being patient and doing what's right does give you advantage in life but a little begging and a little persistence will do good too :P . Anyway today went to KK (its been so long never go here.. what the turf??) went to this beauty saloon because my mom forced me to go for facial before going to KL so I was like ok ok only lah beside I am also fed up with my face but now okay already omygfuckingod they're so pro in making my face look good again! bravo bravo give them thumbs up . I will upload the picture in facebook so if you have facebook add me and you'll get to see them. Oh and by the way I don't add faceless/anime profile, evil stranger and haters, only lucky people can be added hehe.

Ok lah enough of that. Today bought 2 shorts from what I think it's extremely adorable and extremely cheap! like rm12 and rm10 from Vunfa shop, this is the same place where I bought my Baju Kurung for graduation hehe.

Then I got highlights! Mom was suddenly in a good mood today and she let me do what I want with my hair  ^^.

Just done facial bah so if I go everyday I'm sure it wont look as horrible as if use to be. So the highlight cost rm300+ wtf! o.o but they really done a good job ^^. So no regrets.

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